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May 2010 – Present RezScore applies an analytic approach to the employment process.  RezScore is a platform to track, analyze, research, grade, and optimize your job search using hard data.  Job seekers upload their resume to for an instant resume grade, from A to F with detailed explanations of their scores related to Brevity, Impact & Depth. RezScore also produces a detailed resume report outlining areas of improvement, keyword optimization, industry relevance and much, much, more. Corporate-focused metrics also grade candidates on their strength relative to specific industries. Moloco: Investor 
Palo Alto, CA Sand Hill Exchange: CEO / Co-Founder .   Sep 2014 – May XXXXXX Menlo Park, CA 
Fantasy VC Game Barnacle: CEO / Co-Founder   Oct 2013 – Aug 2014 
The Barnacle P2P community ships your most treasured possessions through a trusted network of commuters already en route. Groupable: Co-Founder   May 2008 – Dec 2010 
Groupable was an online sponsorship marketplace that matched social groups of any type - Little League, Meet-up, Facebook, online, offline - with sponsors eager for direct and meaningful interaction with their target consumer.  Python | PHP | PSQL | MySQL | Linux | NGINX | Apache | Perl | Machine Learning | Artificial Intelligence| BASH 



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