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Yixing Lu
10505 Sea Pearl Cove Unit 4, San Diego, CA 92130
University of California, San Diego
Sep 2019 - Jun 2021(expected)
M.S. in Computer Science
Nanjing University
Aug 2015 - Jul 2019
B.E. in Telecommunications Engineering, Minor in Computer Science
GPA: 4.45 / 5.0 (top 5%)
Award: Outstanding Graduate Award, Nanjing University Excellent Student, Nanjing University Scholarship (4 times)
University of Wisconsin Madison (Exchange Program) Jan 2018 - May 2018
GPA: 4.0 / 4.0
Award: Exchange & Visiting International Student Academic Excellence Award
Core courses: Artificial Intelligence, Introduction to Optimization, Computer Graphics, Introduction to Cryptography
➢ Zhaoyang Fu, Dechuan Zhan, Xinchun Li and Yixing Lu. Automatic Successive Reinforcement Learning with Multiple
Auxiliary Rewards. In Proceedings of Twenty-Eighth International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence, 2019.
Aijia Home Furnishing Products Co., Ltd. | Software Engineer Intern | Nanjing
Jun 2018 - Jun 2019
➢ Detected precise location of components in the architectural floor plans and generated interior design automatically
➢ Extracted floor plans from the database using MySQL and created GUI for testing and modifying with TkInter in Python
➢ Used the CNN to learn scores of designers' evaluation on furniture as a reward provider in Reinforcement Learning
➢ Door (Precision: 96.5%, Recall: 94.6%), Window (Precision: 92.7%, Recall: 96.7%), Balcony (Precision: 97.7%)
➢ Algorithms had been applied by the company and applied for 6 patents
HealthOne Software Development Co., Ltd. | Software Engineer Intern | Shenzhen
Jun 2017 - Sep 2017
➢ Recommended treatment options for diseases, such as breast hyperplasia and acute bronchitis, based on diagnoses
➢ Preprocessed the dataset from more than 10 hospitals with MySQL and implemented KNN and Decision Tree using Java
➢ Results: Breast hyperplasia (DT:89.5%, KNN:89.4%), Acute bronchitis (DT:46.5%, KNN:53.0%), Pregnancy (KNN:37.6%)
SurfStore | Graduate Networked System | UCSD Fall 2019
➢ Created a fault-tolerant cloud-based file storage application based on DropBox
➢ Multiple clients can access, modify and sync a common, shared set of files concurrently via RPC
➢ Implemented leader election and replicated state machine design to make metadata fault-tolerant based on RAFT
XQuery Processor | Database Systems | UCSD Winter 2019
➢ Created a processor which can parse XQuery into abstract tree representation and execute the optimized plan
➢ Evaluated the querying using a recursive evaluation routine based on ANTLR4, accessed XML files using DOM
➢ Enabled parallel execution by detecting joins and arrange subqueries to be joined in a left-deep or bushy join plan
Optimal Propagation Path of Friendship | Data Structure | Nanjing University Summer 2017
➢ Found the optimal propagation path of the friendship between two indirectly connected users
➢ Constructed 4000 users’ relationship dataset using Sina Weibo web crawler API in Java
➢ Implemented multiple graph algorithms, including Breadth-First Search and Dijkstra, and associated data structure in C++
Indoor Precision Positioning Android Application | Android Development | Nanjing University
Fall 2016
➢ Developed an indoor positioning Android application with optimized route planning and searching functionality
➢ Applied Java, android programming, Bluetooth, QR code and PS to the development of route planning and UI designing
➢ Deployed in the experimental building of Nanjing University with Bluetooth module installed
➢ Honorable Mention, Mathematical Contest in Modeling Apr 2017
➢ 1st Prize in Jiangsu Province Robotics Competition (520 registered teams) Nov 2016
Programming (C, C++, Java, Python, JavaScript, HTML, CSS), Database (MongoDB, MySQL), Frameworks (Node.js, Git,
PyTorch), Systems (Linux, macOS, Android, Windows, AWS, Alibaba Cloud).


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