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Senior Level PMO Practitioner

 IAN RUSSELL HARRISON  XXXX@XXXX.XXX  (XXX) XXX-XXXX  LOS ANGELES, CA  EXECUTIVE ETHOS ​- ​Certified Project Management Professional, with a decade of  demonstrated success consulting and managing various business endeavors. Combined with 
thousands of hours leading a crew of Type II Wildland Firefighters during fire seasons. 
Transformational leader, comfortable spearheading heavyweight high-stakes projects. Strategic, 
team-first, servant leader approach focused on what’s important; reaching consensus, maximizing 
velocity, deliverables, KPIs and piloting project success. Armed with tacit knowledge and intangible skills perfectly suited for a dynamic team in need of an immediate impact.  EXPERTISE FOCUS  ENDORSED SKILLS  ● Increasing Business Profitability  ● Project Management Software Jira/Monday  ● Effectively Managing Workflow  ● A/B testing  ● Maximizing Sprint Velocity  ● QA testing  ● Harmonizing Internal/ External Relations  ● Relationship Analyst  ● Managing Deliverables  ● Progress Reports  ● SMART Goal Setting   ● Agile  ● Forging & Melding High-performance Teams  ● Sprint  ● Pace-setting  ● Scrum  ● Coaching and Mentoring  ● Deliverables  ● Business Operations  ● Infographic Presentations  EDUCATIONAL DEGREE  MBA​ - ​Entrepreneurship & Strategic Innovations  
University Of Il inois - Gies Col ege of Business  EXTRA CERTIFICATIONS AND SEMINARS  Google IT Support Professional- ​Cert 
Agile with Atlassian Jira- ​Cert 
Applied Project Management -​Cert 
Blockchain Innovations -​Cert 
AWS Product Developers -​Cert 
Project Manager/ Lead Consultant | Marina Del Rey, CA | 
March 2014 - Current  ● Developed project plans and managed project scope.  ● Defined objective KPIs, cost control, service parameters, statements of work, deadlines and deliverables.  ● Created specific methodologies to pilot project success.  ● Maintained strict budgetary control on projects ranging from $25,000 to $200,000.  ● Achieved an overwhelming project success rate across multiple industry verticals.  ● Led multiple agile projects, SCRUMs simultaneously.  ● Lowered control expenditures without sacrificing quality.  ● Directed changes to project scope and implementing appropriate change management processes.  ● Kept volatile projects on track.  ● Engineered unique tactical guidance that kept teams on-task and deliverables on time.  ● Formulated integration system process flows, business process model and notation (BPMN) plans and 
data mapping diagrams based on stakeholders' specs, and technological surveys.  LULULEMON ATHLETICA  
Innovations Guru | Beverly Hil s, CA |  
February 2008 - December 2013  ● Drove the brand to world-class recognition with innovative product features.  ● Implemented goril a marketing campaigns which spurred a customer base growth of 13%.  ● Coauthored an “Astaya Asset Protection” manifesto that, after rol out, reduced shrinkage and continues 
to prevent losses = $100k+ annual y  ● Suggested innovative approaches to long-standing problems and solved many nagging, yet tolerated, 
pain points.  ● Lead workshops designed to elevate salesforce knowledge around products and product features.  INTERAGENCY TYPE II HOTSHOT CREW  
Lead Sawyer | Pacific Western USA |  
Seasonal y Dispatched between 2001 and 2018 (retired)  ● 45,000+ Hours dedicated to mitigating the potential destruction caused by wildfires.  ● Led a team of 12 hotshots during actual life or death situations.  ● Functioned as the liaison between our crew and multiple government agencies.  ● Performed under extremely harsh working conditions.  ● Garrisoned in close proximity to the incident for as many as 21 days straight.  Ian Harrison Resume page 2