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    AWS API Developer

    🌟 Panaceadirect Inc · $182K - $225K · Chattanooga, TN

    >> Bachelors of Computer Science is preferred, or equivalent relevant business experience > >> 6+ years experience in software development and delivery track record in a range or roles in a scrum environment > >> 3+ years development experience with AWS Components, Java, Node.JS, Python or other web based development technologies > >> Hands-on experience and a deep understanding of the Kafka/Kinesis/RabbitMQ architecture and internals of how it works, along with the interplay of architectural components: brokers, Zookeeper, producers/consumers, Kafka Connect, Kafka Streams > >> Experience with Kafka Streams / KSQL architecture and associated clustering model > >> Strong knowledge of the Kafka Connect framework, with experience using several connector types: HTTP REST proxy, JMS, File, SFTP, JDBC, Splunk, Salesforce > >> Development experience with AWS API Gateway/Lambda/Amazon-Aurora-PostgresSQL/NoSQL DB like mongoDB / documentDB > >> Develop code in local virtualized environment...

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    Application Developer .net - Senior Associate

    PwC · $59K - $73K · Chicago, IL

    ...the following areas: - Modern web application development (eg AngularJS, NodeJS, Python , CSS3, and Boostrap); - Mobile application development (eg iOS, Swift,

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