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Taariq Lewis
XXXXXX #121 Berkeley, CA 94709
​(XXX) XXX-XXXX • XXXX@XXXX.XXX LEAD PRODUCT MANAGER AND SENIOR SALES & MARKETING EXECUTIVE Blockchain Products • SaaS Software • Rapid Product Development Energetic, r
esults-driven, s
enior s
ales and m
arketing professional with o
ver 15 years of I
nternet software s
ales and
marketing wins in both B2B and B2C markets. Dedicated to delivering rapid and successful product launches,
new sales, and marketing operations of c
ategory l eaders. Adept a
t i dentifying n
ew, d
isruptive markets a
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customer segments with highest margin opportunities. An experienced, executive management, leader with
extensive SaaS startup experience.
Professional skills and areas of expertise: • ​Customer Development
• Go-To-Market Strategy
• Product Management
• UI/UX Interface Design
• Cryptographic Product Development • Competitive Analysis PROFESSIONAL HISTORY Aquila Services Inc.,​ San Francisco Bay Area
2016 - Present
A credit infrastructure platform as a service for b
usiness-to-business enterprises. T
oday, companies u
se A
quila t o
build and deploy custom credit workflow and services to drive sales and customer retention.
Co-Founder, Product & Sales Lead
Launched merchant cash advance and credit infrastructure platform to deliver low-cost, innovative credit and
underwriting applications. Aquila targets small business funding brokers and small investment funds that seek
higher yields, but with low-cost credit analysis.
Key Accomplishments:
● Launched product that generated recurring revenues of $1.45MM and nearly 10,000 merchant
customers in 2 years
● Led major broker sales and business development partnership acquisitions with leading consumer
and business brands, including HomeDepot, ADP, TriNet, and Kabbage Promise Software, ​San Francisco Bay Area
2018 - Present
Forget money. Forget currencies. Forget credit. Your life is powered by Promise.
Co-Founder, Product & Sales Lead
Key Accomplishments:
● Created world’s first global credit tracking and reporting system using cryptographic primitives
● Implemented advanced, post quantum, digital signature technology for increased security
● Assembled a $35MM hardware investment consortium in world’s first Initial Miner Offering DigitalTangible (Serica),​ San Francisco Bay Area
2014 - 2017
YCombinator (S15) Funded startup that enables small businesses access to advanced financial services network
on the Blockchain.
CEO & Founder
Key Accomplishments:
● Delivered nearly $1MM MRR for first ever decentralized, digital physical gold, crypto-exchange
● Launched new payment rails for CA Medical Cannabis payments using unconfirmed Bitcoin
unspents Taariq Lewis
Page 2
● Led company through YCombinator to raise $750,000 in seed funding
SF Bitcoin Devs, ​San Francisco Bay Area
2014 - 2015
Launched engineer-only meetup with Andreas Antanopoulos
Lead Organizer
Organized the twice weekly meet-ups of some of the smartest Bitcoin and Blockchain developers in the Bay Area
Key Accomplishments:
● Launched engineer-only meetup with Andreas Antanopoulos
● Host over 3,000 bitcoin engineers with weekly events over nearly 2 years Orb
2012 - 2013
Launched Orb, a closed, secret business network of "shared experience" groups of individuals on iPhone.
Founder Key Accomplishments:
● Raised half a million seed round for launch of new social network based on secret, affinity links
● Acquired over 100,000 users in 1 year. Voluble Inc., ​San Francisco, CA
2011 - 2012
Stanzr's product Stanzr revolutionizes enterprise sales and marketing. It allows marketers to create real-time
conversation communities that are broadcast across several social media channels. CEO & Founder Designed and l ed team to b
uild prototype, b
randed, customer community application f
or real-time web and mobile
consumption. Created new sales opportunities for enterprise customers.
Key Accomplishments:
● Closed first quarterly contract engagements of $20K with companies such as IBM, Yahoo!,
Netprospex, Corel Software for first real-time social media communities
● Successfully increased IBM Tivoli Group Social Media visibility by factor of 3 within 1 month
on real-time community platform HiveFire Inc., ​Cambridge, MA
2009 – 2010
HiveFire’s flagship product, Curata, is an innovative content production, content aggregation and content
distribution platform that enable B2B marketers to succeed as world-class B2B publishers. Senior Director of Sales Initiated and drove the entire sales process, a
cross all c
hannels in B
2B online m
arketing. Doubled company s
volume within first year and increased customer retention rate to 81% of all sales wins.
Key Accomplishments:
● Reduced qualification and sales close time from 90 days to 45 days, while raising Average
Selling Price (ASP) 40% – 50% Director of Sales & Marketing
2009 – 2010
Key Accomplishments:
● Launched HiveFire’s first B2B, SaaS, content marketing, content aggregation, and lead capture,
platform, Curata
● Built initial Sales and Marketing roadmap and managed the company’s first, annual sales and
marketing budget of $1MM Taariq Lewis
Page 3 EDUCATION AND CONTINUAL TRAINING MIT SLOAN SCHOOL OF MANAGEMENT, ​Cambridge, MA MBA & Entrepreneurship & Innovation Certificate
2007 - 2009 MBA thesis: ​Case Analysis Studies of Diffusion Models on E-Commerce Transaction Data COLUMBIA COLLEGE, COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY, ​New York, NY
B.A., Economics and Philosophy (combined degree)
1992 - 1996 LONDON SCHOOL OF ECONOMICS, ​London, United Kingdom
Junior Year studies in Operations Research, Game Theory and Philosophy
1994 – 1995 SANDLER SALES TRAINING, ​Marlborough, MA
2009 - 2010
Sandler President’s Club
Sandler Sales Management Training References available upon request


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