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I am a graduate of Tufts University with a
Liberty Mutual
Boston, MA
B.S. in Computer Science and am pursing a
Technology Associate, UI/UX Track
Sept. 2019 to Current
career in UI/UX design and research. I am
• Assisting in the development, implementation, and maintenance of technology-based business
currently looking for ful time time
solutions to improve customer experience, processes, and technology
employment as a UI/UX Designer or
• Shadowing other UX designers within the company and frequently attending events about various
Experience Design Consultant in the Boston
topics in digital design
• Conducting user interviews with stakeholders to identify workflow issues in various UI screens and
having debriefs with the engineering team to discuss the findings and develop solutions
Medidata Solutions
New York, NY
Backend Applications Engineering Intern
June 2018 to Aug. 2018
DESIGN: User Research, Prototyping,
• Developed the Platform Workflow Tracker, a Rails web application which sends and col ects data
Usability Testing, Wireframing, Color Theory
from Zipkin (a distributed tracing system), to track internal performance metrics for Medidata's
SOFTWARE: Sketch, Axure, Adobe xd,
platform services
Adobe Il ustrator, Adobe InDesign, Jira,
• Built an rspec testing suite for Platform Workflow Tracker in Rails while on an Agile team that
focused on authorization and authentication
LANGUAGES: CSS, HTML, JavaScript, React,
• Designed and documented how information would be stored and accessed in the database, and
Python, Ruby, Java, C++, C
how the application would communicate with Zipkin to consume its data
Cambridge, MA
UI/UX Intern
May 2017 to Aug. 2017
• Improved the existing UI of Cisco Defense Orchestrator, Cisco’s internet security firewall
management system, using Sketch to create redesigns for aspects of the product's interface
Tufts University
• Designed mockups and wireframes for new features as part of an Agile team working towards
B.S. Computer Science 2019
scaling up the product's device management capabilities
• Ensured the technical feasibility of UX designs by working closely with the head UX designer and
Miss Porter's School
enhanced user workflows by participating in user testing process
High School Diploma 2015
I am working on a ful design mockup for an iPhone pet cam application. I am researching what the
current workflows look like for similar applications to design my own UI for an application that
connects to an in-home camera that has capabilities to interact with your pet.
Skills: Adobe Xd, Adobe Il ustrator, UI design, Prototyping
 Boston, MA
The Ballot Initiative
Spring 2019
 /dakota-leroy-725bb5126/
I redesigned the ballots for the MA 2018 Midterm Election and created an unbiased ballot, a biased
 dakotaleroy
ballot, and a ranked system ballot. I researched ballot techniques for each of these three categories
and refined my designs for the optimal user flows.
Skills: Adobe Il ustrator, Adobe Photoshop, User research
Breakfast of Champions
Winter 2019
Given a dataset of random breakfast foods, I chose a target audience (women recovering from
disordered eating) and designed a table and related infographic that offered information about these
foods in a way that would appeal for this specific audience.
Skills: Adobe Il ustrator, Adobe Photoshop, User research
TEMS vs. College Student
Fall 2018
I was a UI/UX lead on this project and designed many of the user interfaces and all of the characters
for this 2D action game. Additionally, I designed and created the game's website.
Skills: Adobe Photoshop, CSS, HTML, Git, Unity, User testing
Spring 2017
I worked as a UX designer on a web development team for this project. I designed the project's UI
and helped to implement the front-end of this navigational Heroku app game.
Skills: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Heroku, Github, UI design


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