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Machine Learning Engineer

 RICE UNIVERSITY                                                        Houston, TX <BR>B.A. Computer Science + Minor in Mathematics                                    Aug 2013 - May 2017 <BR>  Coursework includes: Advanced Objective Oriented Programming, Machine Learning, Data Science and SQL, Web Development, Functional Programming, Parallel Programming, Operating System/Compiler WORK EXPERIENCE <BR>Backend Development in Mobile Advertisement Platform (DSP)  June 2017- Current, Seattle SKILLS AND INTERESTS <BR>  Mensa membership (IQ rate of 160, 2007) <BR>  Participated in ACM-ICPC programming contest (South Central regional, 2016) <BR>  Google Data Engineer Certificate (2018) <BR>  National Women In Science & Engineering (WISE) Competition (Physics, 1st place, 2010) COMPUTER LANGUAGE SKILLS AND FAMILIAR TOOLS   Advanced: Go, Java, Python, C/C++, beginning with Scala and OCaml <BR>  Have experience in development language/tool: Swift, Android Studio <BR>  Data/Analysis: Standard SQL, Hadoop, Spark <BR>  Familiar with service/frameworks including: Google BigTable/BigQuery, Google Cloud Datastore, DataFlow, Jenkins Server, Kubernetes Engine <BR> How We Protect Your Privacy


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