Entreprener, Investor, Mentor, and Advisor to startups

Ryan J. Negri <BR>(XXX) XXX-XXXX ▪ XXXX@XXXX.XXX <BR>linkedin.com/in/negri ▪ angel.co/ryannegri VP of Corporate Development / M&A <BR>Founder & CEO with multiple exits, Investor, Board Member, Mentor, and Philanthropist eCommerce ▪ Capital Raising ▪ Operations ▪ Management ▪ Supply Chain ▪ Financial Planning ▪ Contract Negotiation ▪ Partnership Development ▪ Culture Creation ▪ Accelerators ▪ Talent Acquisition ▪ Diversity ▪ Mergers & Acquisitions <BR>Career Highlights <BR>Negri Electronics, Inc. Costa Mesa, CA & Las Vegas, NV  2(XXX) XXX-XXXX <BR>Negri Electronics was the largest privately-owned electronics eCommerce company in the US. Bootstrapped from $0 to $54MM in revenue in 7 years and sold in 2013 with 87% ownership.  Chief Executive Officer: Founded and scaled the company, recruited diverse talent, and implemented Marketing & Sales, Finance, Logistics, Customer Service, and Management divisions. <BR>Consistently 2x revenue each year of operation - $18M in 2013. <BR>Established executive relationships with Apple, Amazon, Yahoo, Google, Microsoft and Northrop Grumman <BR>Sourced over >$50MM in inventory from over 10 countries <BR>Merchandized over 10,000 SKUs, including creation of exclusive private labels Laicos, Inc. Las Vegas, NV  2012-PRESENT <BR>Laicos is a Technology Startup & Software Development Studio, developing SaaS products and spinning out startups.    Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer: Responsible for all aspects of the business, recruiting, developing and <BR>leading teams of project managers, engineers, and designers to create technology solutions. <BR>Sourced and managed >75 SaaS applications and client projects ranging $25K-$300K <BR>Raised $300K and grew company to $600K+ in total revenue in under 3 years <BR>Recruited C/Executive level talent (CTO, PMs, Directors, UI/UX) <BR>Set strategy, negotiated and drafted client agreements, LOI’s, ESOPs and handled corporate governance <BR>Angel Investor & Mentor: Invested in 8 companies over 7 years across various technology sectors including eCommerce, SaaS, HaaS, Blockchain, EdTech, and a Studio, presently valued at over $150M. <BR>Generated proprietary dealflow leading to 1000 carefully screened companies <BR>Conducted extensive diligence on over 100 companies <BR>Fundraised >$10M for numerous startups and micro/nano-venture funds <BR>Provided pro-bono Mentorship & Advice to over 50 startups, including 6 early-stage founders. Mentor, Board, & Philanthropic Experience <BR>Techstars North America   2018-PRESENT <BR>Mentor: Mentor innovative Techstars companies, primarily through the Techstars Anywhere program. Experience and interests include Blockchain & Cryptocurrency, eCommerce, Mental Health and Wellness, and B2B / B2C technology. GetBuild, Inc. Johannesburg, South Africa   2016-PRESENT <BR>Board Member & Investor: Build is a B2B Website and eCommerce Platform. Mandated to expand US pipeline, source partnerships, solicit investment, recruit and attract talent. $20M Raised to date, with pipeline of > $100M. Partners include Standard Bank, NedBank, Maersk & Microsoft.  BeatNB Tampa, FL, US                    2014-PRESENT <BR>Senior Advisor: BeatNB is an NPO focused on creating awareness and a cure for pediatric cancer, specifically neuroblastoma. Mandated to raise funds, network awareness, charity events representation, and donor <BR>relations. $6M raised since 2014. <BR> How We Protect Your Privacy

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