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Cincinnati, Ohio, 45220           (XXX) XXX-XXXX        CAREER SUMMARY Enthusiastic Android developer with a blend of innovative coding skills, who can work alongside other talented IT 
professionals in creating mobile apps to the very highest standards and a self-motivator with previous internship 
experience. Skilled at writing well-designed, testable and efficient code using current best practices in Android 

• Android or IOS development 
• Web development 
• Coding & programming 
• Excellent problem-solving skills 

AUBRY LANE – Indianapolis, IN 
Environment: Android Studio, React Native,ES6, JSX, Google Maps API, Twilio, Firebase, Atom. 
• Working on Android mobile application for the Aubry Lane using React Native. 
• Developed the login, signup screens and authentication using Firebase. 
• Navigating the users between the different screens is done using the react-native-router-flux. 
• Developing the app to track the Amulets location using the Google Maps API and send the messages using 
the Twilio. 
• Used Redux to preserve the state of the Application. APPLICATION DEVELOPER INTERN   (April 2016-November 2016) 
Environment: Python, Flask, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, SQLALchemy, RESTful, Heroku. 
• Designed and developed a microblog that allows students to post doubts, ambiguity regarding the subject and 
professors can respond to that message. Designed UI pages using HTML, CSS, Bootstrap. 
• Used Flask-SQLAlchemy for database upgrades, migrations, and administrations. 
• Integrated RESTful web services for error handling, User Authentication, Token-Based Authentication, 
Serializing Resources to and from JSON and Pagination of Large Resource Collections. 
• Implemented testing and debugging principles to overcome the issues during software troubleshooting 
production problems. 
• The usage of the website has increased up to 75% in just two months after the deployment. EDUCATION 
Master of Engineering, Computer Science    GPA: 3.5 
University of Cincinnati, Ohio   April 2019 
Courses: Advance Algorithms, Data Base Theory, Cloud Computing, Innovation Design and Thinking. 
Bachelor of Engineering, Computer Science   GPA: 3.9 
Osmania University, India   May 2017 
Courses: Software Engineering, Web Programming and Services, Data Mining.      CONTINUED… PRASHANTH DYAVARASHETTY || Ohio 45220 | (XXX) XXX-XXXX | XXXX@XXXX.XXX                 PAGE 2 PROJECTS 
SCHEDULER      (2018) 
Environment: Android Studio, React Native, ES6, JSX, Firebase, Atom. 
Description: Scheduler is an React-native android app which is used to schedule the shifts for the student workers, 
send messages and fire the employees.  
• Designed the login screens and performed the authentications using the Firebase. 
• Navigating the users between the screens is done using the react-native-router-flux. 
• Used lodash to manipulate the arrays and objects. 
• Used Picker to select the shifts for the workers. 
• Redux is used to preserve the state of the application. MUSIC APP           (2018) 
Environment: Android Studio, React Native, ES6, JSX.  
Description: Music App is an react-native android app which consists of the different albums and a link to the amazon 
website regarding its price. 
• Used axios to make an HTTP request and the HTTP request returns the JSON data. 
• Designed an animated touchable screen which shows the description of the album and also the rating of the 
album till now. CINCINNATI WEATHER FORECAST      (2017)   
Environment: HTML, Angular, MySQL, Flask, JSON, Restful API, Docker. 
• Developed and deployed a Flask application with Restful API features. 
• The weather forecast is plotted on the chart from the third-party website.  TECHNICAL SKILLS 
React Native, Python, C, C++, ES6, Java, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, XML, Git and GitHub, SQL, MySQL, MongoDB, 
NoSQL, PostgreSQL, SQLALchemy, Angular, Bootstrap, jQuery, Flask, Django, Docker,  AWS, Map Reduce, Hadoop, 
Spark, Eclipse, PyCharm, Android Studio, NetBeans, Atom, Visual Studio, Twilio. CERTIFICATIONS 
• React Native certification from UDEMY. 
• Introduction to Structured Query Language (SQL) from COURSERA. 
• Python for Everybody from COURSERA. 
• Using python to access web data from COURSERA. 
• Python data structures and Building Web Applications in PHP from COURSERA.