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Akshay Shetty
XXXX@XXXX.XXX | +1-(XXX) XXX-XXXX | Arlington,Texas | SUMMARY:
A data enthusiast and highly motivated individual seeking a challenging career in the field of software development, web
development, database development, and big data engineering. Proficiency in project-based learning along with leadership,
management, problem-solving, self-motivation, adaptability, and critical thinking skills. EDUCATION:
Master of Science in Computer Science Aug 2018 - May 2020
The University of Texas at Arlington, Arlington, Texas, United States.
Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Science Aug 2014 - July 2018
Vidyalankar Institute of Technology, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India.
Relevant coursework: Design and Analysis of Algorithms, Software Testing, Software Engineering-System Design,
Distributed Systems, Neural Networks, Advance Database Systems-Big Data, Web Data Management Data Mining, Software
Development, Object Oriented Programming, Artificial Intelligence, Human Machine Interaction, Probability and Statistics. TECHNICAL PROFICIENCY:
Languages: Python, Java, HTML, PHP, JavaScript, Map Reduce, Scala, Hive, Pig.
Database: SQL, Oracle DB, MS Excel, MySQL, AWS.
Tools/Version Control: Git, JDK, Android Studio, MATLAB, Visual Studio, Eclipse, jupyter, JSON.
Frameworks: Spark, Hadoop, CSS, SOAP, AJAX.
Operation Systems: Windows, Linux, Unix.
Python Libraries: NumPy, Pandas, Matplotlib, Seaborn, SciPy, Scikit-learn, TensorFlow, Keras. PROJECTS:
Movie Recommender System (Java, Apache Spark, Scala)
• Built a Movie Recommendation system that generates a top 10 movie recommendation for each user.
• Implemented Collaborative filtering using Apache Spark’s implementation of Alternating least squares (ALS) algorithm.
• Achieved a Mean Square Error (MSE) of 0.72 for the model predictions performed on the dataset.
• Developed project in the hackathon and got selected in the top 10 projects presented with the theme as media. Smart Chatterbot (Python, TensorFlow, MySQL)
• Implemented smart chatterbot which acts as an autonomous customer service expert for Library Management System,
integrating it into the system increased its customer assistance review by 25%
• Unified chatbot with a database that saves logs of past conversations to learn from it. Credit Card Fraud Detection (Python)
• Implemented a credit card fraud detection system where classification operation is performed on a dataset and each
transaction is categorized either as genuine or fraudulent.
• Comparison between Outlier detection methods such as isolation forest and local Outlier factors were performed, and analysis
was made to be used for anomaly data detection.
• Achieved accuracy of 86% when the classification was performed on part of a dataset. Fall Assistance (Android Studio, Java, Arduino Programming)
• Implemented a fall assistance system consisting of a wearable device with sensors that detect falls and notifies via a push
notification along with critical vitals which is sent to the android application.
• The wearable device is programmed using Arduino and push notification is sent from the wearable device to the android
application using socket programming.
• Vitals such as heart rate, latitude, the longitude of the person wearing the watch is sent to the android device and the history
of the data sent is stored in the firebase database and can be viewed from the application. Portfolio Website (HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, MySQL)
• Implemented a dynamic portfolio website which can help students to showcase their projects and increase visibility as well as
online presence and consists of authentication modules like admin and user.
• Designed various category blogs using WordPress and integrated it into the website.
• Deployed the website on university cloud which dynamically stores contents of the website on phpMyAdmin.