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Harichandana Epuri
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OBJECTIVE Seeking a full-time position in the field of software development starting from June 2020 where my strong analytical and technical skills are utilized.
The University of Texas at Dallas, Texas [Aug 2018 - May 2020]
Master’s in Computer Science GPA : 3.963/4.0
Chaitanya Bharathi Institute of Technology [Aug 2014 - May 2018]
Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Science GPA : 9.13/10
Epsilon, Irving, Texas - Software Developer Intern [June 2019 - Dec 2019]
Added a new feature called Harmony query language tool using React, HTML, CSS, NodeJS and ANTLR in the company’s internal portal which is used to simplify the querying process by providing auto suggestions for fields, operators, keywords.
Worked on an application to monitor the jobs which will help the monitoring teams to monitor various kinds of jobs submitted using Spring Boot, MySQL, Apache Kafka, Consul, Grafana, Prometheus by following Test Driven Development approach.
Developed Spring Boot microservices and exposed REST API’s which were consumed by the modules developed in ReactJS in the company’s portal used by internal teams and senior members to make more informed decisions and refactored code in few Spring Boot applications and helped team members in troubleshooting some issues.
Automated a part of DR MySQL validations instead of doing it manually.
Worked on creating products for clients by following agile software development methodology and used Git extensively.
Worked hands-on on databases: MySQL, H2 with Spring Boot, build automation tool: Gradle, package management: NPM
Used Postman to test RESTAPI’s and worked on S3, EC2 services.
Nichebit Softech Private Limited India – Software Developer Intern [May 2017 – Aug 2018]
Involved in creating front end modules using Angular, HTML, CSS, and Bootstrap.
Used JavaScript, JQuery, and AJAX technologies for front end user input validations and Restful web service calls.
Worked using Hibernate to map the object-oriented model to a backend database.
Involved in creating and Deployment of REST API and Micro Services in Java using Spring Boot.
Used JavaScript, jQuery for client-side validations and AJAX to call external services.
Used MySQL database and written scripts to interface the database and wrote SQL queries to process the data.
Expertise in developing services using Spring Framework that uses features of DI, IOC, Spring MVC, Spring JDBC.
Worked following agile development methodology, used GIT for the version control.
Languages: Java, Python, SQL, C, C++, Scala
Frameworks: Spring Boot
Web: Spring MVC, JavaScript, JQuery, RESTFUL API’s, ReactJS, Node.js, JSON, XML, HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, AJAX, Servlets
Databases/BigData: MySQL, MongoDB, H2, Apache Spark, Hadoop, Map Reduce
Operating Systems: Windows
AWS services: S3, EC2
Tools: Eclipse, R-Studio, Jupyter Notebook, Git, MySQL Workbench, PyCharm, Visual Studio Code, SourceTree, IntelliJ
Online Toy Store​: Created a full stack web application using ​ReactJS, Node.js, Express.js and MongoDB​. Implemented both admin (add, delete, edit, search a toy) and user functionalities (search and add toy to cart, checkout, access previous orders). Created microservices to access database. This project outlines the web application from login to checkout.
Twitter Sentiment Analysis with Kafka and Spark Streaming: Created Spark Streaming application in Scala to fetch real-time tweets from Twitter API and made sentiment analysis on the sentences using Stanford CoreNLP library. Created producer to send tweets with sentiment to Kafka and visualized the data using Elasticsearch, Logstash and Kibana.
Library Management System: This application interfaces with a backend database implementing library management system using HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, ReactJS, SpringBoot.
Electronic Health Record System: The aim of this project is to build a centralized platform to provide simpler healthcare experience for hospitals and doctors. Implemented using Java, Java Servlets, Jersey/JAX-RS, Android Visual Studio.
Data Base Engine: Implemented with file per table strategy using B+ tree structure. Implemented create, Insert, Update, Delete, Drop, Select with where conditions using Java.
Decision Tree implementation with bagging and boosting: Implemented my own decision tree in python from scratch using ID3 algorithm using information gain heuristic to select next best attribute and ensemble methods (Bagging and Boosting) from scratch and tested the models on different real time datasets and achieved a test accuracy of 83.33%.
BAT Token Analysis: Ethereum dataset: Analyzed the behavioral trends of users buying and selling the token by layering the dataset to analyze the correlation between the number of users and the token price data in each layer and estimated the token price using linear regression. Implemented in R and using RStudio.
Oracle certified professional Java programmer.
Received 1st prize in project presentation event held in CBIT.