Vinyas Raju
Dallas, TX 75252 | +1 (XXX) XXX-XXXX | F-1 VISA
XXXX@XXXX.XXX| EDUCATION The University of Texas at Dallas, TX, USA Master of Science in Computer Science. GPA 3.7 Aug 2018 - May 2020 Machine Learning |Web Programming |Object-Oriented Analysis and Design Database Design |Design and Analysis of Algorithms| Big Data Management Visveswaraya Technological University, KA, India Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Science. GPA 3.7 Aug 2014 - Jul 2018 SKILLS Languages : Java, C, C++, Python. Databases : SQL, Oracle. Web Technologies : HTML, XHTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, PHP, Bootstrap. Applications : Matlab, OpenGL, Android Studio, Microsoft Suite, StarUML, Jupyter, Arduino IDE, Visual Studio, PyCharm, Sublime, Selenium, IntelliJ.
Software Developer Intern, Amazon Web Services, USA May 2019 - Aug 2019
 Worked with Amazon Linux team to develop Streams notification service which notified customer about the status
of content deployment through streams.
 Enabled SNS Topic creation for every newly created stream and backfilled the existing ones.
 Used native AWS SNS and DynamoDB tools to fan out messages to large number of subscriber endpoints.
Teaching Assistant, The University of Texas at Dallas, USA Sep 2018 - Present
 Primary role is to Grade students programming assignments according to grading criteria on strict deadlines and
provide positive feedback to help students develop and learn complex models in an intuitive way.
PROJECTS Multi-Dimensional Search Jan 2019 - May 2019
 Implemented Multi-dimensional search algorithm for a system having several products each with three attributes
– ID, Price and Description.
 Organized data into a TreeMap and used HashMap and HashSet to achieve insertion, deletion, search and
modification efficiently. Sports Event Management System Sep 2018 - Dec 2018
 Designed an interactive website using Java to manage details of sports events and employed MySQL database to
store user and admin login credentials using object oriented design concepts.
 Performed system level testing and documentation using Selenium scripts based on the Use Case Specifications.
IOT Based Speed Controller: Feb 2018 - May 2018
 Modeled and constructed a GPS based speed controller for automobiles which tracks longitude, latitude and feeds
the data into the processor which were continuously evaluated the limit cap for that particular region .
 Programmed Arduino IDE to configure the entire setup which encompassed Arduino Uno, ESP8266 Wi-Fi module,
L298 motor driver and Neo-6M GPS module. BrownDB Sep 2018 - Dec 2018
 Implemented rudimentary database engine that is loosely based on a hybrid between MySQL and SQLite. It uses a
simplified file-per-table approach to physical storage, like MySQL.
 There are only two types of files, table files and index files. Each page in a Table file is a node in a B+ tree, either
interior or leaf and each page in an Index file is a node in a B tree. Finger Vein Recognition using Machine Learning Algorithms Feb 2018 - May 2018
 Performed image acquisition, preprocessing, feature extraction and matching methods to extract and analyze
object patterns using image processing techniques.
 Proposed multi-channel Gabor filter to track boundaries of the finger vein with 91% accuracy.
E-Forms for Banking System Sep 2017 - Nov 2017
 Published a technical paper on QR code based banking at the 30th convention of Computer Society of India.
 Emphasized paperless and queue-less way of transaction through QR codes.
 An android application was developed as a prototype to demonstrate the working.
 Tuesday Toastmasters, Member Sep 2018 - Present
 Computer Society Of India, Member Aug 2015 - Mar2018