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Santa Clara, CA |XXXX@XXXX.XXX | (XXX) XXX-XXXX | | EDUCATION Santa Clara University, California, USA June 20
Master’s in Computer Science & Engineering
Coursework: Design & Analysis of Algorithms, Advanced Databases, Computer Vison I & II, Operating Systems University of Mumbai, Mumbai, India May 17
Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Science SKILLS Languages : Java, Python, Bash/Shel Script, PHP, JavaScript
Frameworks : Spring MVC, Spring Boot, Spring Batch, Hibernate, Spring Integration, CodeIgniter MVC
Web technologies : REST API, HTML, CSS, JSP, Bootstrap, AJAX, jQuery
Databases & Technologies
: Oracle, Docker, AWS, Apache Kafka, Hive, MySQL, Influx, JIRA, Git, SVN, Maven, JMS Queue PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE Mil ennium Management, Software Engineering Intern, New York City
June 19 - Aug 19
• Built a REST Service for the Bond Market Data Platform, to pul Avro data from Apache Kafka Streams and convert it to Apache
Parquet format using Java Spring Boot.
• Parquet format helped decrease querying time in AWS Redshift by 30% and decrease space by 25%.
• Performed Integration and Unit testing of this service with the rest of the Market Data Platform.
• Developed python programs to transform 50GB of Bond Market Data to an Influx Database storable format in 30 mins using
Python Pandas and NumPy.
• Enabled these programs to run paral elly using python multiprocessing and Linux shell scripting. Accenture, Associate Software Developer, Mumbai Oct 17 - June 18
• Created SOAP Web Services to connect Accenture Life Insurance Platform to its external Medical Vendors using JMS and Java
Spring Integration Framework.
• Developed Batch jobs using Spring batch to record user updates and help display data to users on their insurance applications.
• Fixed production issues and executed unit tests of the user application. Kidzalaya, Ful -stack Developer, Mumbai Aug 17 - Jan 18
• Developed & Designed the online book renting site Kidzalaya - using CodeIgniter MVC PHP web
• Implemented an admin panel to help admins keep track of users and their orders; created an inventory management system
within the panel of 5,000 books that al owed addition and modification of books. Used PHP and MySQL database.
• Designed user interface with shopping cart abilities and search bar for books on the website using JavaScript, AJAX, and JQuery.
• Enabled the system to give email updates to admins as wel as clients. TECHNICAL PROJECTS Performance Comparison of SQL & Hive queries for Big Data Oct 19
• Executed complex SQL and Hive queries on the Kaggle Airbnb Open Data. Evaluated the query plan and compared the execution
time of the queries from SQL and Hive.
Horizon detector for Unmanned Aerial Vehicle using greedy method Mar 19
• Implemented a horizon detector in sky images based on the research paper 'Robust Horizon Detection using Segmentation for
UAV Applications' using K means clustering and Python NumPy, SciPy, OpenCV and Sci-kit learn. Achieved an accuracy of 40%.
Event Management System Nov 18
• Created a web application that allows its users to search for events, book tickets and view available seats using Java Spring
Hibernate. Used MySQL database and JavaScript, jQuery, AJAX, HTML for User Interface.
Expense Tracker Application Sept 18
• Developed a MERN application which al ows a user to add, update, delete and list their expenses in any order they wish.
• Implemented the client-side and server-side part of the application, handled the routes, used Webpack to bundle the front-end
and back-end code, MLAB to configure the Mongo database.


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