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Benjamin Wang
(217)-(XXX) XXX-XXXX • XXXX@XXXX.XXX • LinkedIn:
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (UIUC)
Expected Graduation: May 2020
B.S. Computer Engineering Work Experience:
Amazon​ ​ ​Seattle, WA
Software Development Engineer Intern May 2019 ~ Aug 2019
● Designed and implemented a web-based sign-in page controller in NodeJS for AWS Directory Service
which enables client modification and live testing for different directory groups
● Used ReactJS and AWS-UI components to integrate the sign-in page controller onto the AWS Console
● Devised a hierarchical heuristic software system for the AWS sign-in page to display different user
interfaces to corresponding directory groups
Foxconn​ ​ ​Shenzhen, China
Software Test Engineering Intern June 2018 ~ Aug 2018
● Developed a testing platform prototype in Python which allows engineers to SSH onto testing units to
send and receive signals from the DUTs (Device Under Test)
● Identified and debugged device output issues with the automated DUT log file generator
● Implemented an add-on feature to the DUT log file generator which sorts and stores the generated
files into a database based on unique test case success rate
Power Rack Occupancy System​ –​ Capstone Project
Jan 2020 ~ Mar 2020
● Designed and built a sensor platform to detect human occupancy using load cells, ultrasonic sensors,
and infrared sensors
● Used ReactJS to build a user interface to visualize vacant/occupied power racks at the gym by reading
sensor data from databases using Google cloud functions
● Designed a notification system via Twilio API that would notify users subscribed to our service
whenever our system detected vacant power racks
Fwee Stuff​ –​ Android Application
Oct 2019 ~ Dec 2019
● Designed and developed an on-campus event organizer and locator app using Java in Android Studio
● Planned and executed usability testing, incorporating user feedback to improve app interface
● Designed and incorporated an algorithm to estimate walking distance to different event locations
based on GPS coordinates
Neighborhood Watch​ –​ Web Application​ Mar 2019 ~ May 2019
● Designed a safety index calculator in Python for each community area in Chicago based on collective
FBI data from 2001 to 2019
● Used AngularJS to build user interface to visualize the safety indexes of Chicago-area communities
● Designed an algorithm to predict the likelihood of a crime occurring at your current GPS location based
on your nearest community area and time of the day
Languages: ​Python, JavaScript, Java, C/C++, MySQL
Technologies: ​Algorithms, Databases, Data Structures, Git, Linux, NodeJS, React, Restful APIs,
Visual Studio, Android Studio, AWS, Firebase, Serverless Functions