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Ramya Ananth
North Carolina State University, Raleigh, NC Aug 2018 – May 2020
Master of Computer Science
Courses: Software Engineering, Object Oriented Design and Development, Design and Analysis of Algorithms, Machine Learning, Human-
Computer Interaction, Data Guided Business Intelligence, Automated Learning and Data Analysis
Amrita University, Coimbatore, India Aug 2014 – May 2018
Bachelor of Technology in Computer Science
Java, Python, C++, Ruby, R, JavaScript, TypeScript, HTML5, CSS3, Rust
PostgreSQL, GraphQL, MySQL, Oracle SQL, HeidiSQL
Frameworks: React, React Native, Angular, Rails, Vue, Falcon, REST, Jasmine
Amazon Web Services (Cognito, RDS, DynamoDB, CloudWatch & SES), Git, Visual Studio, Gephi, Tableau
Scikit-Learn, NLTK, Keras, TensorFlow, Caffe, Scrapy
Full Stack Software Engineer Intern, Quantworks Inc., Carrboro, NC May 2019 – May 2020
β€’ Designed and developed a website using NodeJS, ReactJS and hosted on AWS for criminal defense lawyers. Built a mobile
application using React Native and Twilio API to facilitate a secure communication platform. Ran queries against NoSQL –
DynamoDB using GraphQL
β€’ Revamped the front-end and fixed critical bugs of Youplea’s judicial system website hosted on AWS using NodeJS and
AngularJS on TypeScript. Proposed testing and debugging strategies to improve user experience
β€’ Devised a method using Python, PostgreSQL to optimize the location for placing scooters for an electric scooter rental
company which improved the accuracy of the existing model by 10%. Created test plans and test cases using JasmineJS
β€’ Working in an Agile environment of Continuous Integration and Deployment (CICD - GitLab), Clubhouse and Bitrise
Business Analyst Intern, Tredence Inc., Bangalore, India Jan 2018 – June 2018
β€’ Analyzed store productivity & traffic using R, Excel and HeidiSQL for a major telecom company. Suggested methods such as
market consolidation, personalization of service to optimize store locations thereby increasing the number of new
customers by 10% and market penetration by 15%
β€’ Led a team of XXXXXX on key customer account prioritization of an enclosures manufacturing company.
Applied machine learning algorithms like K-means, SVM and CHAID Trees on R with Excel and MySQL. Final dashboard
solution on Tableau enabled an incremental revenue of $1.5B for 6 months and a reduction in attrition rate by 15%
β€’ Performed customer satisfaction analysis for technology products by applying Cosine similarity and Logistic Regression on
Python and R. Resultant model on RShiny produced a 15% drop in the complaint resolution time with an accuracy of 70%
β€’ Full Stack Development - eCommerce Website: Built a website using Ruby on Rails and Ruby Gems with multiple user roles,
OAuth & OTP functionalities, and return policies for products. Tested functionalities using RSpec and deployed on Heroku
β€’ Machine Learning – Reinforcement Learning: Generated an ensemble of Markov Decision Process, Forward Subset
Selection and Genetic Algorithm on Python to suggest best possible methods in Pedagogical Study with an accuracy of 85%
β€’ Data Analysis – Tag Prediction System: Built a tag relevance model on Python to maximize views and audience for stories
on using K-NN and Cosine distance on dataset containing 1M records achieving an accuracy of 90%
β€’ Open Source Contribution: Implementing Image BitMap using Rust for Mozilla Servo (Pull Request)
β€’ Open Source Contribution: Code refactoring using Ruby on Rails for Expertiza (Pull Request)
β€’ LexisNexis Hackathon: Data Error Challenge - Placed in the top 5 teams among 30 other teams in using machine learning
along with web scraping using Python and R to detect data error in a list of judicial judges
β€’ IIT-Madras Hackathon: Door Unlocking System - Used Arduino in C++ and won runner-up position among 45 other teams
β€’ Communication Head for Coimbatore at an India based NGO, U&I aiming at educating underprivileged children in middle
school. Took ownership and succeeded at opening two new learning centers in Coimbatore, TN, India
β€’ Member of the events team at Maitri – The Indian Graduate Student Association at NC State University


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