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Nobuhide Ajito
Software Engineer | Los Angeles
Technical Skil s Strong​: Javascript(ES6+), Python, NodeJS/Express, React (Hooks), React Router, Redux, Jest, Enzyme, Websockets, D3.js, HTML5/CSS3,
Sass, Git, Webpack, noSQL/SQL databases, RESTful APIs, Material-UI, Bootstrap
Experienced​: Puppeteer, Firebase, PWAs, GraphQL, TypeScript, Docker, AWS(EC2, Elastic Beanstalk, S3, Route53), Commander,
Workbox, Kubernetes, jQuery, Bcrypt, Travis CI, Flask
Experience Auxpack​ | ​Software Engineer ​| Open Source | 2019 – present - Engineered a Webpack bundling analyzer that visualizes, simplifies and displays the statistics of the bundle creation through an NPM
package that is implemented as a Webpack plugin using instances of a function that are cal ed during production.
- Constructed parsing logic of Webpack build statistics from plugin library based on process completion markers made in Webpack.
- Leveraged React Router in order to provide a single page application that al ows users to navigate through multiple components while
minimizing server load, speeding up rendering time for the application, and maintaining the static web paradigm.
- Implemented D3.js to visualize statistics processed from information available during the webpack bundling process for production level
coding to simplify interpretation of build data while simultaneously comparing different build sizes and bundle times.
- Structured Jest and Enzyme testing suites to maintain quality through unit and integration testing; employed localized error detection to
uphold quality standards through the development process and maintain integrity through deployment.
- Applied Material UI design interface in React components to create consistent, interactive elements to navigate through application.
- Deployed with AWS using buckets and S3 through a subdomain that was created through Route53 for a landing page due to its flexibility
and versatility of different microservices for possible future development and scaling.
- Streamlined development with Travis CI to enable automated testing which maintained component integrity with continuous integration.
Mentcheck​ | ​QA Engineer​ | 2016 - 2017
- Tested consistency and quality of mobile notification system that col ected personalized data that monitored mental health of students
- Assisted in designing content delivery and reviewed data for customized check-ins to be personalized to different users
Open Source Projects Verifire​ | Wildfire disaster information platform with location services for real-time updates
- Utilized React Hooks to design reusable components and methods while creating local state in functional components; onboarded to reduce
redundant code and centralized state for better readability and increased performance.
- Embedded RESTful API library that displays an interactive map to bring real time information via location and user data.
- Configured Puppeteer’s headless browser environment for its compatibility with NodeJS while recreating a Chrome/Chromium
environment to web-scrape from relevant sites through its minimal setup and powerful library.
OpenHeart ​| Crowdsourced costs for procedures based on location and insurance
- Built with Typescript to statical y type javascript parameters in endpoints to simplify code and catch errors in the compiler versus runtime.
- Congregated SQL user data to relate information by procedures and location while maintaining ACID compliance; dynamical y renders data
with reusable component structure through React.
Stockle​ | Educational financial simulation tool using real stock data
- Modeled NoSQL database with ORM to use built-in type casting, validation, query building and business logic hooks with MongoDB.
- Engineered Node.js server that assembled multiple endpoints to transmit API information that updated with current information through
multiple middlewares to facilitate business logic to simulate trading regularly through operations on the database to store user sessions data.
- Managed Firebase for user entry, offloading security, authentication and database management to maintain security of user information.
E ducation University of California: Santa Barbara • Bachelors of Science
Talks and Publications Ethiq Software Engineering Speaker Series: ​ UI/UX best practices • React and Redux: New Features • Build Tool Alternatives
Medium​: ​How a better look into bundling saves time for everyone
Interests Portrait Photography • Making Kombucha • Brewing Coffee • Building PCs • Board Games • Ping Pong • Cultivating Sourdough