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Rahul Kalra

FrontEnd: Javascript, HTML/CSS, Webpack, Babel,, React.js, React Native, Apollo Client, Typescript

BackEnd: NodeJS, Graphql,, PostgresSql, Typescript

Others: Git, Jest, Python, Firebase, Cypress, TDD, Rest API RELEVANT EXPERIENCE
Full Stack Software Engineer, ​July 2018 – Current
A platform for people to learn how to code in Javascript through a comprehensive curriculum and mentorship.

Built and launched a REST API to allow users to download our curriculum and challenges.

User management:

Designed an Internal User Management Component & API that interacted with third party services using the
GitLab & Mattermost APIs.

Implemented ability to change password, which involves API requests across different integrated services
like GitLab and MatterMost for our platform.


Built the Announcements feature into user’s home page for them to see updates and release notes.

Created admin dashboard which allows full control of creating and modifying announcements.

Improve teacher/student flow:

Added ability to adopt students so teachers can focus on the same student by quickly filtering through

Implemented A/B testing to understand and improve the user experience.

Code Improvements:

Created higher order components for GraphQL mutation components to handle loading and error states and
updating local caches to provide a quick and responsive user experience.

Upgraded all textarea inputs by migrating to new markdown input component where users can see a preview.

Lead an initiative to improve functional test coverage and implemented functional tests using Cypress.
​Open Source Project: ​MyProxy:​
Implemented AccessToken functionality for admin users to manage access tokens for external
services to interact with MyProxy functionality (Front end as well as REST API).
Implemented mapping functionality that allows users to create a subdomain and map requests to
desired ip and port destination (Front end as well as REST API).
Supports for both root domain proxy as well as subdomain proxy
Allow automatic generation of available ports if user did not provide any
Added support to proxy websocket requests.
Lead the initiative for implementing integration tests.
Software Engineering Volunteer, Garagescript ​June 2018 – Current
A non-profit that is helping people learn code for free.

Helped run a pilot program at MLK library Mon - Fri where students are learning Javascript.

Led classes on Git and how to use branching to version control effectively.

Taught students about browser concepts such as cache busting, cookies, and events.

Volunteer every Saturday at Santa Clara Library to help answer Javascript related questions. .
Growth Engineer, Inspectlet
Aug 2017 - June 2018

Led technical support to help customers resolve integration issues and proposed new features based on customer
Co-Founder, Pablo Estates ​June 2016 - June 2017
Project Manager, LLIP ​June 2015 - June 2016
Management Trainee, Enterprise ​ Nov 2014 - Oct 2015
University of California, Santa Cruz Bachelor of Science in​ Business/Econ/Accounting and History of Asia​ ​June 2013


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