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Campbell​ Belden
San Francisco, CA
GitHub: ​

Proficient:​ JavaScript, ReactJS, Redux, Node.js, Express, Ruby on Rails, SQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Firebase,
AWS, Heroku, Gulp, Webpack, jQuery, HTML5, CSS3, Git

Exposure:​ GraphQL, Java, Golang, Unity, Python, Flask, C++, D3.js, Objective-C, Swift, XCode, Android >PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE
Kryptonic​ | Software Engineer | San Francisco, CA
Jun 2019 - Present

Developed front-end for ​Archipelo​, a new platform for finding, promoting, and contributing to over 44 million
open source projects leveraging the blockchain, utilizing JavaScript, ReactJS, and Redux.

Architected back-end RESTful API using Python, Flask, and JavaScript, designed to index metadata on code
contributions and repositories.

Crafted UI working closely with UX designers using JavaScript, ReactJS, Redux, Sketch, HTML5, and CSS3, to
create intuitive and fun-to-use interfaces. Visqualia​ | Software Engineer | San Francisco, CA
Jan 2016 - Dec 2018
Acuity.AI​ | Full Stack Developer

Architected and developed re-design of Acuity.AI video-based web application using JavaScript, ReactJS,
PHP, and GraphQL, improving product quality which assisted in acquisition of over 50% more clients.

Collaborated with ML team to identify which features of product needed to showcase proprietary machine
learning algorithm utilizing ReactJS, GraphQL, Shopify API, and AWS.
Music Business Toolbox​ | Web Developer

Built web presence and back-end application for Music Business Toolbox e-book with Wordpress, Infusionsoft,
and variety of web API's, to create interactive app accompanying e-book, increasing sales by 20 - 30%.

Built back-end tool suite for Music Business Toolbox e-book using JavaScript, PHP, HTML5, and CSS3, to
create interactive forms and spreadsheets that generate PDFs, serving as app to accompany e-book.
Drastin Inc​ | Full Stack Developer

Developed mobile presence for Drastin Inc's search-driven conversational analytics app using Angular and
Google Cloud API, to integrate voice functionality into Drastin Mobile application suite.

Created iOS and Android ports of Drastin Inc web application, using Phonegap and Cordova, increasing ease
of access for customers to Drastin app suite and integrated voice functionality into mobile system.
NimbleStack​ | Full Stack Developer

Built ​Nimblechat​, a chat client and authentication portal with AI chat bot that provided services like Uber and
Postmates on demand utilizing JavaScript, ReactJS, Redux, HTML5, and CSS3. All Hands Volunteers​ | IT & Mobile Developer | Canoa, Ecuador | Port au Prince, Haiti
Jun 2016 - Oct 2016

Designed and developed series of iOS and Android mobile apps using AppSheet to solve logistics issues such
as inventory management, building materials stock, and coordinating travel for teams in field.

Constructed iOS and Android mobile app using AppSheet to assist in data entry for assessment of local
community and create database of work orders. DevBootcamp​ | Software Engineer, Mentor | San Francisco, CA
Aug 2015 - Jul 2016

Mentored 150+ students completing DevBootcamp, teaching software development, pair programming,
“engineering empathy,” and deploying multiple fully functioning web apps built with Ruby on Rails. >PROJECT WORK
HyperLocal | ​HyperLocal on DevCamp blog​ | ​HyperLocal pitch on YouTube
Winner of TODA Corporate Chal enge at Developer Camp 2019.

Empowered users on HyperLocal using blockchain-based TODA Q Finance API allowing them to put down
bounty to incentivize group behavior.

Developed microservice and deployed edge network on Mimik Edge SDK platform, creating impromptu
discoverable social networks of trust and valuable connections. Bingeez | ​Bingeez on AT&T Developer Program blog
Placed in Top 20 Teams at AT&T Developer Summit Hackathon 2016 in Las Vegas!

Designed app for DirecTV Set Top Cable Box, build with Node.js, HTML5 and CSS3,allowing television content
owners to create subscriptions that pay consumers directly to enjoy their content.

Deployed code to run locally on DirecTV Cable Box using jQuery, HTML5, and CSS3, providing handy counter in
corner of your television screen to help you see how much money you have made on Bingeez platform. | ​Travel Pack Club on devpost
Winner of prize at LAUNCH Hackathon 2016!

Designed AI chat bot, using, Expedia, and Uber API's, allowing businesses to purchase tiered travel
packages for groups of people via chatbot.

Architected TravelPack.Club website utilizing Webflow website designer, and .club domain registry service to
create web presence for our travel service and chat bot. Seek Bot | ​SeekBot on Github
Winner of Integrate Hackathon 2015 Sabre prize!

Designed and developed Seek Bot with Ruby, Sabre API, and Heroku, enabling users to query flight prices and
book travel packages in natural conversation with chat bot.

Enabled SeekBot to be communicated with via text message using RingCentral API, increasing number of
platforms via which SeekBot is accessible. >VOLUNTEER WORK
NuevaHacks, Nueva School | San Mateo, CA | ​Mentor
Mentored 4th-12th graders in building out their projects, which ranged from simple apps built with Blockly to complex
iOS apps built with XCode, for NuevaHacks hackathon. Bullis Charter School 8th Grade App Design Intersession, Bullis Charter School | Los Altos, CA | ​Mentor
Worked with teams of 8th grade students in designing and developing their applications; judged hackathon event at
Google campus in Sunnyvale, CA.


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