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Luis Angel Ponce Salazar
Jan - Dec
Fullstack Freelance
freelance for small companies in my local area, mostly creating
cms, crm, and sometimes native apps
May - Dec
Android Developer
develop android apps in a startup in monterrey, i mostly develop for
hardware of the phone, getting information of the sensors and then
processing that info
Jan - Mar
Scala Developer
i was a backend developer in, another startup
from mexico, here i used scala and mostly connected to 3rd
party services and scraped pages to get info about bus and
flight trips
Mar - Agust
Android Developer
developed android app, i built the calendar,
passengers, details activities and a few other components.
Sept - Jan
Go Developer
Reimplemented the search service from Ruby on Rails to
Golang in, response times improved 2x,
memory used decreased 5x, server cost decreased 4x.
Jan - July
webpage that compares pc products in mexico from different
retailers, technologies used: elixir, phoenix, react, postgresql
Jan 2018 - Actual
Fullstack Freelance/Consultor
Worked with companies and client from USA, Mexico, China
and Panama, helping them create new features and solve bugs
in their systems and infrastructure, Using technologies on
frontend, backend and mobile.
Elixir, Go, Ruby, Javascript, Java, Scala
Data Bases:
PostgreSQL, SQLite, Mongo
Other Tools:
AWS, GCE, DigitalOcean, Docker, Firebase


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