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    Data Scientist

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    Someone who can build and maintain large-scale statistical models that turn billions of data points into insights, forecasts, and optimal device control.

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Seeking a Data Scientist for our Advanced Grid Services and Analytics team: someone who can build and maintain large-scale statistical models that turn billions of data points into insights, forecasts, and optimal device control.  Your work will reach thermostats, EV chargers, solar panels, and other smart energy devices in homes and businesses across the country, aggregating them into grid-aware virtual power plants that stabilize the electric grid and enable its continued decarbonization. 

As a Data Scientist you will:

  • Extend our industry-leading analytics platform for distributed energy resources (DERs), including
    • Digital twin models of air conditioners, grid-interactive water heaters, EV chargers, batteries, smart inverters, and other DERs
    • Load, generation, and capacity forecasting models to provide utilities and our own control algorithms unparalleled visibility into the grid edge
    • Advanced grid services, including battery and water heater load shift services, solar curtailment, and EV managed charging
    • Our real-time control platform, which turns grid service objectives, real-time data, and forecasts into optimal, multiscale DER control
  • Write, test, and maintain high-performance python code that runs in our mission-critical production system
  • Architect, implement, and provide real-time operational support for our suite of advanced grid services
  • Use physical and statistical modeling techniques to enhance the quality of our device and meter data
  • Perform in-depth analyses of device, customer, and grid service performance data for our client success and market services teams
  • Collaborate with our engineering team to design API integrations with our DER partners, based on electrical engineering principles and grid service needs


  • Advanced degree in a quantitative field (PhD preferred)
  • Expertise in one of the following fields
    • Electrical engineering
    • Machine learning (primal/dual formulations, kernel methods, neural networks and deep learning)
    • Statistics (Monte-carlo techniques, nonlinear and regularized regression)
    • Control theory (stochastic control, dynamic programming)
    • Computational modeling (agent-based modeling, physical simulation)
    • Finance (stochastic processes, timeseries analysis, model calibration)
  • Experience using the Python scientific stack (numpy, pandas, scikit-learn, scipy, statsmodels) to clean, filter, aggregate, transform, visualize and then model data
  • Significant team project work in either commercial application development (preferred), open source contributions or large academic projects
  • Experience developing in a Linux environment
  • Strong oral and written communication skills in English, particularly around technical subject matter

Nice to haves:

  • Experience with our tech stack: MongoDB, RabbitMQ, AWS (EC2, S3, Cloudwatch), and Travis CI
  • Knowledge of electric power systems, including utility systems and equipment, power engineering, DERs, and energy markets
  • Experience maintaining and troubleshooting real-time, customer-facing software applications
  • A passion for clean energy!

Why work for us?

  • Collaborate with outstanding people: Our employees work hard, do great work, and enjoy collaborating and learning from each other. 
  • Make an immediate impact: New employees can expect to be given real responsibility for bringing new technologies to the marketplace. You are empowered to perform as soon as you join the team!
  • Gain well rounded experience: We offer a diverse and dynamic environment where you will get the chance to work directly with executives and develop expertise across multiple areas of the business.
  • Work with the latest technologies: You’ll gain exposure to a broad spectrum of  IoT, SaaS and machine learning challenges, including distributed fault-tolerance, device control optimization, and process modeling to support scalable interaction with disparate downstream APIs. 
  • Be part of something important: Help create the future of how energy is produced and consumed. Make a positive impact on our climate.
  • Focus on fun: We plae high value on our team culture. Happy hours and holiday parties are important to us, but what’s also important is how our employees feel every single day. 

Company Information

We are a growing enterprise software company that works with the most forward-thinking companies in smart energy. Our platform lets consumers turn their smart thermostats, electric cars, water heaters, and other products into virtual power plants that keep the grid stable and enable higher penetration of solar and wind power. We work on technology that already provides energy and cost savings to millions of people through partnerships with the leading companies in the Internet of Things.

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