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    API Engineer

    🌟 RezScore · $135K - $167K · Las Vegas, NV

    You will be working as a back-end software developer on our public-facing API, and then deploy and monitor that API

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A Las Vegas startup is looking for a talented technical team member to be the second person on our API team. You will be working as a back-end software developer on our public-facing API, and then deploy and monitor that API (we work in an DevOps style). You will coordinate with other developers and our business teams to understand requirements.


Director of Software Architecture


  1. Meet with relevant stakeholders to extract requirements for upcoming API sprints.

  2. Learn about relevant specifications and standards for implementation on the API.

  3. Develop new business logic and export it in a Restful API that will be clean, clear, and a joy to use from the consumer’s point of view.

  4. Document the API using the OpenAPI 3.0 specification such that a third party can cleanly understand what it does without speaking to a representative.

  5. Partition and track your work in sprints using an agile work process.

  6. Tracking bugs and reporting the details in Asana.

  7. Write automated tests for your API endpoints

  8. Monitor your API endpoints and respond to alerts if it is not performing within operations limits.


1. Quick learner – can process new information quickly and remember key points.

  1. Track record of delivering results.

  2. People-person with a team-centric attitude.

  3. You must understand HTTP very well - the parts of the request and response, how different verbs interact with caching layers, etc.

  4. You must understand APIs very well - why Restful APIs work the way they do, what makes an API fun to use vs a pain to use. You should have both written APIs in the past and consumed a lot of them.

  5. You must understand the operational aspects of APIs - the effects of runaway consumers on consumption, throttling, failure cascades, etc.

  6. You must understand the documentation aspects of APIs - the need to (and ability to) write documents that consumers of your API can read and understand

  7. Attention to detail – prevents important items from slipping through the cracks.

  8. Multitasking skills – demands will come from various people throughout the day and must prioritize and juggle them with poise. Must be comfortable juggling various projects simultaneously.

  9. Ability to inspire creativity and work well with different personality types.

  10. Ability to consistently deliver work on-time, in a deadline-oriented environment.

  11. Agile software development background.

  12. API writing : You should be able to point us to an API you’ve coded in the past.

  13. Typescript/Node : You don’t have to have used it before, but it’d definitely help.

  14. OpenAPI 3.0 (Reading and writing)

  15. PhP experience for understanding the historical API is a PLUS.

  16. AWS (especially Lambda and DynamoDB) experience is a PLUS.

  17. Experience using Asana software for project management and Slack for instant messaging and basic files sharing is a PLUS.


  1. 4-6+ years of relevant software development work experience is a prerequisite.

  2. Past experience in a startup, software company or advertising company is a PLUS.


Office in Las Vegas, Nevada.


We are a fast-growing advertising technology company whose mission is to make ads on digital signage and mobile devices easier to manage and purchase for everyone. Whether you are a small advertiser looking to purchase one location or a major brand/agency targeting a national audience, our online platform enables you to easily launch and manage your OOH campaigns.

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