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    ML Engineer

    🌟 RezScore · Boston, MA

    Opportunity for ML engineers to work on some of the most exciting vision applications for document understanding with a very early stage stealth-mode startup in Cambridge.

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Hiring a Computer Vision Expert as a technical Co-founder for an MIT based startup.
Building ppt robots that build and format powerpoint presentation for corporate and knowledge workers. (Consultants, investment bankers, pharmas…. All ppt users if you will).
MVP Demos below:
  • 100 test user wait list - waiting for product to be released 
  • Secured a partnership with major consulting firm providing trial focused groups and free office space
  • Bootstrapping so far, started the conversation with several VC firms
  • In touch with the firm behind the most used ppt add in in the fields above
  • Business side is advanced, need to accelerate technical development
  • Have access to thousands of sample slides and templates
  • Generate 100,000 data points to train models on
  • Have high level executives in consulting firms and tech companies as advisors and mentors
  • Founders are technical but need more computer vision expertise 
  • Currently building the founding tech team to deliver product to partners
  • Python - Open CV - Tensofrlow - scikitlearn - object detection open source apis
  • No cash 
  • Founding tech team equity still open with specified vesting schedule
  • Priority payment once round is raised 
  • Part time and full time positions (prefer full time)
  • Prefer to be based in Boston - open to remote and work from home
  • Office in financial district and MIT 

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