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    VP, Engineering

    🌟 EnergyHub · New York, NY

    WHAT WE’RE LOOKING FOR: You've managed an engineering team of 15-20 people. While doing so, you've successfully and unsuccessfully guided cultural change, individual and team growth, or process changes.

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You've managed an engineering team of 15-20 people. While doing so, you've successfully and unsuccessfully guided cultural change, individual and team growth, or process changes.

You've worked with some of the components of our technical stack. Most of our applications run on Spring / Java. Almost all of the rest of our code (analytics, ad-hoc scripts) is Python. The code runs on AWS; some of it is Dockerized, and some is not. Our applications communicate almost exclusively over RabbitMQ, with a little bit of REST thrown in there too. We store our data on MongoDB, MySQL, DynamoDB, and S3. On the front-end, we're moving to React on the web. On the DevOps side of things, we use Travis and a bit of Jenkins to do our continuous integration, and Ansible to do configuration management and deployment. At the edges of our system we deal with whatever technologies our partners use, from a custom API to Azure Event Hubs. Finally, since we're dealing with real people and information about their real homes, we have strict security requirements for all of this.


  • Manage a team responsible for a mission-critical system supporting hundreds of thousands of distributed energy resources: thermostats, batteries, electric vehicles, solar panels, water heaters, and commercial building systems. Our system literally helps keep the lights on in cities across the country
  • Set strategic direction as a part of the leadership team
  • Provide technical direction across our whole stack: our utility-facing webapp, IoT data ingestion and device control, and our consumer-facing web and mobile apps
  • Build and maintain an inclusive environment by understanding the unique needs of each individual and the team as a whole
  • Mentor and grow your team. Encourage continuous learning and development and guide individualized career growth that makes sense for each employee and the business
  • Bring a fresh perspective on how we work, both people-wise and codebase-wise
  • Work with device manufacturers on new product integrations and to improve existing integrations
  • Have enough development skills that you could get your hands dirty; have enough delegation skills that you’ll instead keep them hands clean—participating mainly via code and architectural review and design


  • Collaborate with outstanding people: Our employees work hard, do great work, and enjoy collaborating and learning from each other.
  • Work with the latest technologies: You’ll lead a team to solve a broad spectrum of IoT, SaaS and machine learning challenges, including distributed fault-tolerance, soft-realtime discrete optimization, and process modeling to support scalable and correct interaction with disparate downstream APIs.
  • Be part of something important: Make a positive impact on our climate. Lead a team of engaged and dedicated people and make an impact on their careers.
  • Lead the culture: EnergyHub places high value on our team culture. Happy hours and holiday parties are important to us, but what’s also important is how our employees feel every single day. You’ll have a chance to place your stamp on this alongside everyone else.


Alongside sharing a passion for energy, problem-solving, and innovation, we’re photographers, thespians, gamers, skydivers, skiers, and runners. We also have a contingent of folks who play a mean kazoo and plastic trombone.

EnergyHub is a growing enterprise software company that works with the most forward-thinking companies in smart energy. Our platform lets consumers turn their smart thermostats, electric cars, water heaters, and other products into virtual power plants that keep the grid stable and enable higher penetration of solar and wind power. We work on technology that already provides energy and cost savings to millions of people through partnerships with the leading companies in the Internet of Things.

EnergyHub is an independent subsidiary of (Nasdaq: ALRM). is the leading cloud-based platform for the smart home. Millions of home and business owners depend on technology every day to make their properties safer, smarter, and more efficient.


EnergyHub offers a generous benefits package including 100% paid medical for employees and a 401(k) with employer match. We offer a casual environment, the flexibility to set your own schedule, a fully stocked fridge and pantry, free Citi Bike membership, in-loft bike rack, gym subsidy, and an education assistance program.

EnergyHub is an Equal Opportunity Employer

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